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August 2019
We, (HTTPS:// advise that all users read and review our Terms of Use and Policies before purchasing any products. We do not employ doctors or medical professionals and can neither diagnose nor prescribe any of the product we sell. We cannot provide specific recommendations for any medical condition. Vaporizers and accessories are sold at the buyer’s own risk and are not intended to heal, prevent, or treat any disease, illness or medical condition. Inhalation of vapor may be harmful to your health. The information found on this website is not necessarily backed by scientific research. All vaporizers and accessories on this website are sold as consumer products and are not intended as medical devices. Vaporizers are intended to be used by adults and we do not sell vaporizers to anyone under the age of nineteen. All products sold on this website should be kept out of reach of children. Vaporization is intended as an alternative to other methods of aromatherapeutic inhalation and diffusion of scents. Vaporization does not remove the risk of inhalation of any hazardous material. Vaporizers should only be used under the guidance of a physician.
User reviews of all vaporizers and other products sold on this website are the work and property of their respective authors and reflect their own use and experience. They are not endorsed by or reflective of the views of HTTPS:// or its staff, directors, or shareholders, nor do they necessarily indicate the recommended use of these products. The articles, reviews, product descriptions and other information on this website have not been reviewed or approved by any Canadian government body or institution or by any similar agency in any other jurisdiction. Please note that by submitting a product review you agree that we may publish your review, together with your first name on HTTPS:// and/or on any other successor website that we operate. The publication of your review will be done at our sole discretion. By submitting your review you further agree that we may edit it and publish edited or partial versions of your review. Edits however will never create a misleading impression of your view.
In many instances, we have agreed to sell certain products offered for sale on the Site subject to what is referred to as a “minimum advertised price,” or “MAP” policy. MAP is the lowest allowed price retailers can publicly advertise. Retailers selling below MAP are unauthorized, so we caution customers from purchasing these vaporizers. Since MAP are enforced by manufacturers to protect their brand integrity, they then will not honor warranty for units purchased below that specified price. To take advantage of post-sale services like warranty, we highly recommend purchasing from an authorized retailer that complies with (i.e., warranty repair) when purchasing from a retailer that does not comply with a manufacturer’s MAP policy.
At HTTPS://GRASSGRINDER.CA we offer the most competitive prices. We are serious about giving you the most value for your hard earned dollar. If you can find a lower price of a product we are selling, contact our Sales Department at: 705 446 9696 to speak to a Sales Representative about the price match. Be aware that vaporizers that are sold for below manufacturer suggested retail prices will have warranty issues unless bought from a fully certified, authorized distributor. All price matches must first be verified from an authorized online vaporizer retailer. Once approved, the identical offer is matched (price, products and shipping). Please note that eBay and Amazon are classified as “secondary markets” for vaporizers and are therefore not authorized retailers. We recommend proceeding with caution when buying from these sources, as manufacturers tend to unload both refurbished and older models onto the secondary market. Manufactures also do not honor warranties for vaporizers purchased from the secondary market.
The purchase of any vaporizer, accessory, or other product from HTTPS://GRASSGRINDER.CA indicates agreement with and willingness to comply with our terms of service. Vaporizers are manufactured and sold as hot air generators for the purposes of aromatherapy and naturopathic therapy. They are sold solely for lawful use and we refuse to sell these units to anyone intending to use them for illegal purposes. Any improper or unlawful use may void your warranty. We disclaim all responsibility for any improper use of our products. Furthermore, neither the manufacturer nor the retailer, nor any of their employees, directors, or shareholders, are responsible for the misuse of any products sold on this website. The purchasers and users of our units are solely responsible for their own use or misuse of these products.
Vaporization is an extremely efficient method of extraction. Vaporizers should be used only with the guidance or assistance of a qualified professional in the fields of medicine, aromatherapy, naturopathic medicine, or other health care. Study all available information and the literature and instruction manual included with your vaporizer, and consult a professional before loading anything in your vaporizer. Upon experiencing any unusual symptoms or side effects, discontinue use immediately and inform a physician. The information available on this website and all instructions and manuals included with all vaporizers and accessories are provided for the purposes of information only. They are not intended as a medical guide or pharmaceutical information, nor can they give instructions for treating or curing any disease or medical condition.

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