ZEUS is a multi-national brand with engineering based out of Germany and head office out of Toronto, Canada. The ZEUS Arc GT is their flagship vaporizer sporting a slim design, gold heating chamber and gold heat sink to provide impressive amounts of vapor. They are also famous for their ZEUS accessory line that includes items like the, ZEUS Charge, ZEUS Bolt 2 Grinder, ZEUS Temple De-Humidor and ZEUS Iceborn. They offer a unique collection of sleek, compact items to that work together to “Complete Your Arsenal.” With a reputation for offering great value, ZEUS items are a must to collect.


Grass Grinder Is a small 2 people organization based in Collingwood, Ontario about 2 hours north of Toronto. We live in beautiful South Georgian Bay and are blessed by our families and friends everywhere.
We stand behind our carefully curated collection of Herb smoking accessories. You will receive the best, the finest and the most carefully designed, engineered products of cannabis accessories for the fine Herb Connoisseur in you and yours. Thanks for passing by…

John & Judy


Utillian is based in Toronto, Canada and are the makers of the popular convection style vaporizer the Utillian 721 and their popular budget geared units the Utillian 420 and Utillian 421. They also dabble in wax devices with their renowned Utillian 5 wax pen. Utillian is known for their value driven design, which ensures that their units are not only functional but highly affordable. Their commitment to producing a functional handheld vaporizer that offers a hassle-free experience at a reasonable price ensured their success in the market.

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