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High class, German engineered design that is exquisite artwork. Cannibis accessories that work. Cannibis is functional. Here’s your opportunity to score the best in Grinders, Vaporisers and Cannibis De-Humidor Boxes. Now available in Canada. For you. By us. We’re Grass Grinder Canada and we have only the finest Cannabis Canadian Curated Accessory Products for you, our fellow Canadians 

Welcome to  Grass Grinder Canada.

ZEUS Bolt 2: Only $49.99

The Grass  Grinder Bolt 2

For Herb Connoisseurs who CUT their own grass.

ZEUS Bolt XL Grinder: Only $59.99

The Grass Grinder Bolt XL

For Herb Connoisseurs who want to CUT a lot more of their own grass.

Well shaved Herb is good… Shaving Herb is best done with a Bolt XL.

ZEUS Arc GT: Only $289.99

To vape or not?

Vaping is an ART

Start with your favourite Cannibis strain. VAPE Sometime. Get relaxed and enjoy.

Vaporizing uses a controlled heat source to cook your herbs and extract the essential oils. Because the temperature is controlled our herbs cook rather than burn and only the essential properties are released leaving the rest of  your herbs cooked and intact. The result is fewer toxins being released.

Vaporizing is also more efficient than smoking. Because you are not burning your herbs you are able to extract more of the essential oils out of your herbs.

ZEUS Smite: Only $129.99

Do you even vape? Now you do.

Vapes get cannabis bud hot enough to release those good compounds that get you sailing, but not so hot the cannabis burns up into smoke. Going the smoke-free route with a vaporizer is generally healthier for your body than smoking cannabis, because smoke itself is bad for your lungs.

Utillian 421 Vaporizer: Only $97.79

To vape or not or not to Vape?

Yes, Vaping is still an ART.

Unlike combustion, which burns the herb to create smoke, vaporization uses heat regulation to melt the naturally occurring resins and oils to form some type of steam. This process requires a lower temperature, when compared to combustion, and produces a more smooth experience when inhaling and exhaling. The vaporization process also provides a more efficient experience, as a regulated heating process provides a more potent high while using fewer materials.

ZEUS Temple: Only $49.99

The ZEUS Temple – Refined History.

The ZEUS Temple is a beautifully crafted wooden de-humidor box that duals as a storage box and moisture extractor.

Stash / Trinket Box: From $25.99 to $59.99

Canadian Made Grass Stash Box

Made in Canada – Trinket Boxes. Works of ART that keep your Stash Fresh. Cool to look at too.

This Red cedar driftwood box is a great addition to any connaseurs arsenal. It is great as a stand alone art piece, but it is also functional. A very unisex piece, it can hold change, paper clips, jewellery, your Herb…

The driftwood used to make the box is hand picked from the shores of the Canadian Great Lakes. This is aromatic cedar which has a wonderful earthy scent. This box comes with an artist card inside and the box is signed on the bottom. Great for adult and children alike to hold their treasures! GRASS STASH. Don’t tell the Kids though…

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